Understanding the Divinity

if there is any word which is mysterious than word “Mysterious” itself is the word Divine. from bliss to unknowable and unexplainable everything comes under this single magical word Divine. if there is anything which nearly all religion says that we must achieve this goal in this human form of life. there is huge importance is given on human form just because this form of life is very very difficult to get. we gone so many different levels of consciousness with so many different forms that it is really hard to achieve this human form.

Divinity is not a word it is state which is easy to achieve yet very few is capable for this. there are different levels of human understanding, not everyone is capable to absorb or understand this mysterious knowledge but it does not mean that they should exclude from this ultimate truth, at – least in this land (Bharat or india) it is so. people from this land have been studied and researched all human except from food to clothing. they designed methods for every levels of people consciousness, from ritualistic approach to pure meditative and tantric approach. every method is unique in its own way.

In this age (Kali yuga according to Vedic time divisions) people’s understanding is not that much developed for spiritual realm they developed much for gross level and for today’s world problem at large extent this is also the cause. purely gross development is always dangerous. for this age Vedas recommends chanting (japa meditation ) for human beings just because of our gross understanding of reality. it does not mean that all other methods are not attainable or not good it is just that it is not easily adoptable in today’s world.

Divinity does not lie in the word it is evolution from gross to subtler and at last being with ultimate reality, to achieve this we have to pass some test. we have to be egoless to start, which itself is bigger challenge for humans. now a days we already have become so intolerance :), just kidding but its true that we have much ego than previous any generation, in hindi one saying is there that “Paisa juth bulwata hi hai” means with money you will get habit of lying and with habit of lying ego will come and with ego a lot of others thing will follow. here i want to clarify that nobody is opposing the money, it is just you have to be alert to observe your mental state.
it is much complex than infinity and much easier than Zero, how wired it is :). As we develop only frontal lobe, which is only for our survival. that survival have become so big now that we can not think beyond this and it is only cause for our world problem. we need to choose to evolve rather than survive, survival will stop one day but evolution will not, survival contain very basic things we have to choose something bigger for this human form of life.

“I am that Which is not”

True story of real change – The Journey

True story of real change

It is story of tremendous journey from disaster to happy life, from tears of sadness to tears of happiness, from alcoholism to discipline. It is real happiness when you saw your known or loved ones doing well. What they were and what they are now. I will try to give a glimpse of this journey!!!

It is story of the man who was brilliant in his own way, cracked one of the prestigious exams more than three times, studied there and stood first but as you know, with fame and power a lot of unwanted things also comes, until – unless your mind is not prepared to deal this anomaly. So he was not exception, he involved himself in drugs, alcoholism, and many more and it didn’t took too much time from brilliant to total failure & disaster.

It took him more than five years to realize what he has become and what path he is following. He was not just making himself useless & full of sadness but he was also giving trouble people around him.

When he started to think it was the first step for him to change his directions and the first thought in his mind was seeded by his own mother. She never accepted defeat and always tried with whole heartedly for his son. It was difficult but not totally impossible. Through the help of his very very close and tested friends, his mother and sister designed a roadmap to change.

All friends designed step by step way, from where we should start- starting is the key point to achieve this goal. In this project of change they utilized smallest minute details like his affection for his sister, have tremendous interest in traditional science. They knew that his affection for his sister is unconditional. So slowly and gradually this war went to his destiny. From tears of the sadness to tears of the happiness. It took nearly 6 months to see the change and more than a year to make it an uninterruptible habit. He started by simple chanting of the Gayatri Mantra (Indian tradition) just for 15 minutes, which itself take a lot of time and effort to start. Initially it was totally horrible situation but slowly and gradually it became a part of the life which gives him tremendous benefit and happiness. After this small step next step was to involve him in a constructive work. They helped him to change their thinking process by stopping unnecessary interaction which impact his mind in negative way like TV, internet habits going to unnecessary places instead of all these he involved much more with his family with his sister and parents. It was one of the major steps to protect him from going back to same stage. Third step was to help him to achieve same level what he was before, in this his sister helped him a lot by researching and intentionally involving him in her own work.

So After nearly more than a year of hard work he is doing fine, still he is working on but definitely with huge improvement. I think he now understand what is real reality of life, what you saw in beautiful poster or in beautiful slogan, may not be true. He now understands very well that how important it is to protect ourselves from invasion of negativity and from nudity. Until unless our mind is not perfected by some means (Yoga or meditation which definitely takes time) till then we have to protect our consciousness from these type of invasion.

In simple words we have to protect ourselves from these days chaos by this you are not protecting just yourself but also helps in stopping the negativity to spread. It’s nothing less than karma yoga J


Hare Krishna

I always believe some kind of universal rule which rules everything.  i am sharing one of the kirtans from one of the my favorite krishna devotee mother Jahnavi


His new album also came recently

never be so arrogant that you are doer, you can save yourself how can be you a doer.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram , Ram Ram Hare Hare.

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Memory – live Today

Memory – live Today

In a corner of our mind

there is small but beautiful memory

memory which happened in past

but making cheerful even today

making us live again and again

~~                                           ~~

in a corner of our mind

there is small but painful memory

which happened in past

but making sad even today

you want to erase, you want to forget

by this you live again and again

~~                                             ~~

in  a corner of our mind

there is some cheerful and painful memory

memory which happened in the past

some you want to forget some you want to live again

but it is just a memory, a memory from  a past.

Spirituality – a way to touch untouched

Spirituality – a way to touch untouched

 In modern times spirituality is considered as a hurdle in development. If you are spiritual then you are considered as an old fashion or outdated person.

But question is – is  it really a hurdle or a way to touch untouched.

What people thinks about this

  • Is it hurdle in modern development
  • It is like going backward
  • It stops us to enjoy material world
  • It stop us to live luxurious life
  • it keeps us away from modern world
  • it stops us to gain material wealth
  • don’t have time
  • it’s outdated in today’s time
  • I am not believe in God or creator

And list goes on ……..

But reality is totally opposite. Spirituality is a mechanism not designed just for sitting in a cave and achieving some higher purpose (which is obvious nonsense for ordinary people), it is mechanism or tool for every being to achieve fullest ot touch the untouched

Need of this is much high in today’s time. We are developing materially but same time becoming unstable inside, so if you are mentally unstable how you can enjoy outer world. Frankly it is not going backward it is going in future J . Spirituality never stops anyone from enjoying anything rather it tells how to enjoy without indulging in it. It never stops you from having luxurious life but it definitely reminds that is not only things in life.

Very few of the fewest actually see the GOD or creator (for those who actually believe). Spirituality is not about believing or accepting. It is practical verifiable process that everyone can experience. Spirituality is like insurance scheme ( just shake for understanding, it cannot be so cheap) if you invest 1 hour out of 24 hours it will give you much more output of whole 24 hours of work in lesser time you can imagine in much accurate way J. It will increase your productivity of work.

In today’s’ time we got wrong definitions of nearly everything like growth, modern, intellectuals, enjoyments. People thinks building spy-scraper is growth, running after money is growth. Being modern means- walking half naked with transparent clothes, having uncontrolled and illicit sex, cheating and buttery words is sign of modernization. Jugglery with words is synonyms of being intellectuals and by this jugglery of the words they make you fools. Enjoyments definitions so narrow now that it cannot go beyond money and sex. We choose partners on basis of how much money they have or on basis of sex. Every years we change our relationships like changing old clothes and going to buy new ones and we call it our extended family.

With human mind there is one problem you can train it in both directions. Take an example killing of people or animals is not good and it is prohibited nearly in all religions but some people train their mind in such way that there is nothing wrong in it rather than they enjoy it. But question is does that make your act right in universal sense, despite your acceptance consequence will be there for it.

we need to understand things as they are rather than molding them according to our needs.





Deep pure & austerity – foolishness or spiritual Fact & moral behavior

Deep pure & austerity – foolishness or spiritual Fact & moral behavior

Purity and austerity two forgotten words at least in today’s time, it is now an obstacle in development or to be so called modernization, it is old fashion to be an open minded people. People generally questioned that we had great people in olden days but now we don’t have that much capable people but why and what happened to us, despite we are so much advanced in technological field.

It is true that we as a human is much more advanced in intelligence compare to animals, so it is but obvious for us to have different and advanced behavior and morality compare to them.

When you born as a human (you born with a lot of background of previous life karma) you have different goal to achieve in life and to achieve this you have to follow prescribed rules given by Vedas or GOD (Like Shreemad Bhagawat Gita). If you go beyond these rules it is a deviation from path and for this nature herself (representing divine mother or you can call ‘itself’) is going to give you rewards, forget about GOD intervention. Even if we don’t believe that Vedas is GOD’s words, even then we can not deny that Vedas was and still is much more advanced in every field including science and cosmology, so by going in this way also we have to listen this ultimate guidance.

Nature works in perfect, unbreakable rule despite your powers. No one ever broke these laws and no one ever will be able to do this , so how we can even imagine ourselves beyond nature, Nature don’t discriminate on the basis of the gender, color, and race!!! It is perfect without the flaw.

One of the most basics attribute of GOD is – purity and austerity, those who have even this single quality is top most person in the eyes of GOD himself, forget about common people. It gives something unique power to you so that you can cross the crowd and be in the top in the queue. It is not just theory we can find proof from various scriptures and person of higher degree of the awareness, like swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramana Maharsi, Rama Krishna, and many more ….

No doubt it is difficult but surely not impossible and if you do then surely you will get un-comparable rewards for your work. Not for in this life but also for coming lives (definitely for those who believes)

What is happening and why so much problems (sins), when we observe we find that we have corrupt population (this word you can find many English translation of the Indian scripture, meaning is population born from impurity). Corrupt population will create only problems and it is already defined in the Bhagawatam and Gita. So now you can see purity is not just for you but it will affect many lives.

If you are able to uplift even one soul by any way (by your work, words, appearance (this word is for only intelligent people who can imagine this how appearance can uplift a soulJ)) this will be much worth and valuable.

Surely it’s not a foolishness or madness it is the perfect way to achieve what is not possible by any other means!!!!!





DO whatever you want because you live once – is it ?

DO whatever you want because you live once – is it ?
So this title is little bit longer than just title, is it complete sentence :). this is the line which people generally use to support their behavior, more specially todays young generation – “Do whatever you want- you live once only”.

question is-really is it so? really you and everybody live once or is it something else?
I am going to present some observation why is it not true. if it the case why not everyone born in rich family, why some people suffer and some people enjoy (here i want to clear something despite you are rich still you are suffering on fundamental level, may be you can’t see or observe this but sooner or later you will). definitely there is something which decide. I am sure you will not argue by saying- because of God’s partiality 🙂

So this mechanism is known as “Karma” in various religions.This can not false just because you have money, always remember time is too powerful and your own karma is indestructible, you have to face consequence and funny thing is there is no reservation at all, whether you are female or male or Brahman 🙂
we can verify this ultimate truth.

Just for sake if we accept that there is no other life, even then there is code of conduct for every one to follow and definition of what is moral – what is not, whether  its Islam or Christianity, then why is it so? you  can not say Jesus was stupid or Buddha was stupid 🙂

They were (actually are ) much bigger than science, science is still in it’s mother womb, still a long way to go …..

Fire is dangerous if you take it loosely, this you can learn by experimenting by yourself or you can learn from someone else experience (here someone means authoritative person like parents, elders). here i want to clarify that it does not stop you to evolve, it will just help you to pick right path rather than wasting whole life in illusion.

Simple answer is this – our intellect is so low in present age that we can not think what is right, forget about thinking we are unable to grasp what is well establish for thousand of years.
Caution – Just think even if you don’t believe anything then do meditation ( which i am sure will difficult) then think 🙂 . we must follow universal ethics.